3 Red Flags That Are Self Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals and How to Fix it

Jordan Finlayson
October 29, 2021
3 Red Flags That Are Self Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals and How to Fix it

How long has it been since you felt in control, confident, or proud of your fitness? Many will agree, too long…It may be hard to believe, but it is common to self sabotage the goals that you want or are thinking about regularly.If you’re reading this, I want to help you see where it may be happening to you, so you can avoid these common mistakes or change the habits that prevent many people from reaching the end results they want.You’re going to learn from our research with over 5,000 people that have emailed, called, texted, or connected with us the last 8 years. These conversations have revealed what characteristics and actions are needed to be successful and also what is preventing people from feeling happier or fulfilled. Those are the people that actually reach their goals…Here are the red flags to look for in your own life:Not being specific with what you wantFor example.... If you say “I want to look better, lose weight, or feel good” it lacks clarity and a measurable way to assess feedback.By stating a goal without specifics, it gives your brain a way out and the freedom to start when it’s convenient.If you want to avoid this and start seeing progress then restate what you want and make it measurable and specific.“I want to lose 10lbs over the next 6 weeks”Also... Don’t stress if you’re not sure on what you really want or what goal makes sense for you... we can help with that!Not starting and taking action on what you wantThis red flag is a sister to the first. Just because you’re clear on what you want doesn’t mean you’ll be motivated to start.If you want to drop the feelings of carrying around “half built bridges” to your goals and dreams then focus on the most meaningful one first. The one that would create a massive impact on your energy, mood, or confidence every day. And if you accomplished this goal it would create the momentum that would add up to feeling lighter or having more breathing room to tackle another meaningful goal on the list later.Also... Don’t stress if you’re not sure on what plan will work best for your goals or get you results fast. Aligning people with the “right” program is why over 5,000 clients have trusted us with their goals.3. Not fully committing to what you wantFitness commitments should be looked at like being in a relationship. There are highs and lows, good times and bad, moments that feel light or fun and others where you want to walk away.The commitment means you’re willing to stick it out through all of it, even the not so great parts. It means that you can’t have the great stuff without working for it. Because when it’s great, it feels magical. “The juice is worth the squeeze”.If you want to avoid the red flag of commitment issues with your fitness goals then you will need to shift your expectations about the work involved. Like an amazing relationship, it will require a “pursuit of happiness” approach.Also... Don’t stress if you’re not confident because you’ve struggled with committing to your fitness goals in the past. We have a proven process equipped with the tools, coaching support, and mindset training that will help you build the commitment necessary to see the results you’ve always wanted.Remember, your goals are important. They’re worth it, and the accomplishment you feel when you reach them will inspire you to reach for new challenges. Life is about conquering your fears and proving to yourself you had it in you all along!Get out of your own way and crush the goals you’ve always dreamed about.Commit to the first step... a conversation to help clarify your goal and what the best plan for you would look like.Coach Jordan

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