3 Things You’re In Control Of, But Are Holding Your Results Back

Jordan Finlayson
October 29, 2021
3 Things You’re In Control Of, But Are Holding Your Results Back

Do you spend time thinking about what you want your body to look like, but feel stuck on how to get motivated and stay accountable to actually make it happen?

The truth is, many people feel that way about achieving the results they want. In fact, so many people never start because of their insecurities about their fitness experience or fears of failing.

I want you to know this!

>>Starting is the ONLY difference between the people who accomplish their ideal body and the ones who can’t get past the voices telling them they can’t. It’s true!

If you need help getting out of your own way… Here are 3 common things that once held back our clients before they started working on their goals!

---I felt intimidated on my own because I don’t want to look dumb or do the wrong thing.

---I didn’t know what I was doing, so I didn’t push myself enough or enjoy the workouts.

---I was embarrassed that I was a total beginner compared to everyone else.

Everyone has to start, and stepping outside of your comfort zone is the first step for everyone.

When you join our coaching program you’ll get the coaching, accountability, and guidance needed to walk you through the steps to getting your body and fitness on track.

Want a coach and a plan that leads to your goals? Click Here to Request More Info and to connect to a coach today!

Here’s to getting started and putting your fitness insecurities behind you


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