5 Reasons to get in shape

Jordan Finlayson
October 29, 2021
5 Reasons to get in shape

Do you spend hours scrolling thru instagram or facebook LOOKING at other people working out, looking at recipes, researching tips and tricks to getting into shape....

That's great! You've made the first step. You've acknowledged the need for a change in your routine. But unfortunately intention only goes so far. At some point it has to be followed up with action!

What is holding you back from taking action today?

Is it fear? Insecurity? Time? Resources? Money? Responsibilities? Career? Family?

We get it! We hear the struggles people have with starting and maintaining a routine. Heck, we as coaches go thru periods when life gets crazy and we have to find balance.

BUT. That's they key. We have to FIND BALANCE. We have to prioritize and execute.

If we always find an excuse we will always stay stuck in the phase of looking and never doing.


5 Reasons to get in shape:


1: health

There are a lot of health issues that happen to us that we have NO control over. This last year is a perfect example of that. But what you CAN control in terms of your health is lowering your blood pressure, keeping your lungs and heart healthy, keeping normal cholesterol levels, having a healthy immune system, and keeping your muscles and bones strong.

2: quality of life

Being able to do more because you are stronger is a HUGE reason to get in good shape. Being able to be a more active parent or grandparent, going on bike rides/hikes on the weekend, being able to move freely with minimal aches and pains. Why go thru life everyday being uncomfortable? Getting in shape is hard...but so is being out of shape. Choose your hard!

3: mindset

When you get in the habit of putting in hard work to make things happen for yourself...something in our brains just shifts. We get into a "can do" mentality where we begin to see our glasses as half full instead of half empty. Things that are earned and not given are always the most fulfilling and build strong character.

4: confidence

This ties into mindset. When you start feeling better, looking better, accomplishing more....your confidence shoots up! We start to hold our head a little higher...so much so that even our posture improves!! Isn't that insane? When we are more confident, we take more chances, we go after the things we want with less reservation.

5: overall mood

Endorphins! Look better, feel better right!? Working out, fueling our bodies with nutritious food is a game changer for the chemicals in our brain. Bottom line...it just makes you happier! I've had SO many clients come into class and tell me they are not in the mood....they almost didn't come into class. And then on their way out the door....BIG smile on their faces telling me "I'm so glad I came...I feel so much better"

So what are you waiting for? Do you want to look better, feel better, perform better, BE HAPPIER?

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Coach Jordan

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