A Decision Is Greater Than A Date

December 10, 2021
A Decision Is Greater Than A Date

Nothing special happens on Jan 1st. It's just a regular day if you think about it.

Some would argue that it "feels" new.

"Like a blank page."

That can a freeing feeling. Kinda like do over.

Like what we did last year in our health & fitness didn't count. Like we get a clean slate.

But what if that feeling wasn't because of a date.  

What if that feeling comes from --> you making a decision.

A decision to start getting in the best shape of your life today.

You see, waiting until a "date" isn't as empowering as deciding for yourself.

Deciding is what gets you results.

Decide to start.
Decide to show up.
Decide to come back.
Decide to build a habit.
Decide to eat better.

It's a series of small decisions that change the shape of your life. Not a date.

A big part of our Best Shape of Your Life Challenge is teaching you how to make this small & simple decision consistently over time...regardless of what's time of year it is.

You learn to build up the skill of deciding so that "the holidays" or "the new year" don't ever get in the way of you living a health & active life.

We are now enrolling both men & woman into the Best Shape Of Your Life Challenge. (Nov 29th - Jan 31st)

If you'd like to learn more about the challenge, Click Here

Happy holidays,

Coach Jordan

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