Beating the afternoon slump

February 8, 2023
Beating the afternoon slump

Have you ever heard of the afternoon slump?!

When 2 pm - 3 pm hits, they would be tired & drained so they would go home and relax for the evening.

This would be their never-ending cycle.

Tired at 3 pm --> Head home and rest --> Repeat

But a way to break the afternoon slump is to ➡️ exert more energy!

Our method of exerting energy is doing a workout!

I know that seems counterintuitive and working out after a long day might not feel like a great idea.

But this is exactly what you need to do to feel more energy throughout your days.

One of my members, Ashley, would always feel sleepy at 3 pm so she'd have an afternoon coffee.

But once she joined our gym and start working out, her energy started returning. She felt more sharp & attentive throughout her days!

A lot of us think the answer to the afternoon slump is rest, but it's actually movement & exercise.

In our 90-day health & fitness coaching program, we help you become active.

With only 3 workouts a week, you can regain so much energy and start living a full & energized life.

When you join, you will:

💪  Get stronger & more toned

💪  Build healthier habits

💪  Feel better & more confident


Click here to apply to our 90-Day Program



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