Do You Need A Fitness Intervention?

Jordan Finlayson
October 29, 2021
Do You Need A Fitness Intervention?

As a coaching program that’s worked with over 2,000 people, we’ve gained insight into people's real desires about their body and health goals. Today, I’m going to let you in on the Big Secret your friends and even your significant other isn’t telling you!They want to chase their goals!They want to feel what it’s like to have purpose and passion for themselves!They want to feel whole![I’m getting 🔥 up just sharing their dreams with you]So, here’s why I’m sharing this message with you… Starting to work on your fitness is like standing at the bottom of a mountain and looking up at the top way in the clouds. It’s really freakin intimidating and scary!Truthfully, that’s why so many people only get so far up before turning around to head back to where they feel comfortable.If you know this person, if you love the person, if you are this person who’s tried to climb their fitness mountain, but hasn’t reached the top then consider this your Fitness Intervention!This means we need to start being honest about what’s really going on with your lack of results or happiness towards yourself. This may be hard for some of you to hear, but I’m a coach and it’s my job to be honest with you on this subject.You’re still “stuck” at the base of your mountain if you’ve:Been telling yourself you’re going to start, but haven't been following through consistentlyBeen telling yourself the reason you’re not fit is because hiring a professional is too expensiveJoined a gym, but rarely go or feel on track with your progressCreated a routine of letting yourself off the hook for not being where you wantIf you have goals, if you’re not where you want to be right now… Then it’s time to change what you’ve been doing because IT’S NOT WORKING and if the lack of results isn’t enough to convince you then listen to your voice of reasoning that has been reminding you every day you’re not happy...For those of you fed up, sick of feeling stuck and frustrated from lack of results then let this fitness intervention be the catalyst for changing your old broken script of turning around when you get uncomfortable.If you’re ready to face your mountain again then here’s what you need to know!This time will be different because you will have a guide (a coach).Someone that has taken thousands of people up and has a simple easy to follow map up to the first milestone.This time you will have the tools, the knowledge, and resources that are needed to keep climbing hireAll you have to do today is START!Where you want to be in the next 90 days!Coach Jordan

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