Free To Enjoy The Moments

December 23, 2022
Free To Enjoy The Moments

With Christmas 2 days away, I want to share an encouraging story.

Our client Michele joined our health & fitness coaching program about 6 months ago.

She didn't feel good about her body and she struggled with overeating.

For her, social moments (like weddings, birthday parties, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) all came with the looming fear of overeating.

A lot of her mental energy went into being worried about food. If she'd overeat, feel guilty, or feel restricted.

But this year she shared something with me that was very encouraging & indicative of the work we do.

She said, "This upcoming Christmas feels special because I've learned how to find balance and moderation in my food choices. For the first time, food is an afterthought and that feels really good to not be so preoccupied with it."

Those are the type of client wins that I get so happy to hear.

Transformation isn't just about shedding a few pounds or getting toned.

It's also about transforming the way you live & finding balance in a healthy lifestyle.

I'm excited Michele has transformed the way she experiences holidays.

I want the same for you.

Merry Christmas!

Coach Jordan

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