How to fix your fitness routine and get on track?

Jordan Finlayson
October 29, 2021
How to fix your fitness routine and get on track?

Do you want to lose body fat, build long term results, and truly feel confident when you look in the mirror? Of course you do…But if you’re stuck with just wanting those results without ever actually achieving them, then something is holding you back…How do you know if you’re stuck?✅ If you think you’re 10 lbs above your ideal weight✅ If you have been unhappy with your looks or energy levels for more than 90 days.✅ If you think about improving your looks or self confidence several times a week....... We’ve got some great news for you.We’ve surveyed over 500 people this past year and over 80% said if they were given an effective plan for free they would be successful at accomplishing their goals on their own.So, we’re offering up the exact fitness plan we’ve used to help over 5,000 clients, so you know it’s tested and proven.And if you want a coach to discuss a more personal program, just schedule a “free” call to chat. 15 min Phone Consult CalendarWhy can we offer our time and this plan for free? Because we know many people need a reminder right now to get back on track or access to the right information to feel confident starting.This also gives us a chance to share our latest research and exactly what our professional coaches are using to get results for our satisfied clients.After reading the following plan, you should have a clear path to start working towards your goal. The only thing missing is putting in the work needed to earn the results.Here’s the plan:Schedule yourself an appointment in your calendar 3x a week for 60min. (Show up every time, even if you don’t want to or something comes up)Exercise for at least 30min. at moderate intensity (moderate is you can say 5 words if asked during workout) using simple exercises like squats, sit-ups, push-ups, and running when just starting out.Cool down your body temperature and breathing then stretch your muscles after every workout. You will reduce soreness and improve your flexibility. This can help with being ready for your next workout session.Many of our clients report more energy and a more positive mood in as little 2 weeks. In 6 weeks, some clients report as much as 20 lbs. of body weight lost with noticeable changes in their appearance and muscle tone.Coach Jordan

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