How to talk to your significant other about your fitness goals

Jordan Finlayson
October 29, 2021
How to talk to your significant other about your fitness goals

It’s normal to face adversity when making life decisions, but when it comes to making lifestyle changes with the support of your significant other it can be one of the toughest conversations of all.Here’s why it holds back so many people…For one, there’s a rhythm that relationships move with. These norms settle into place and become your lifestyle as a couple… So, when one partner wants something different it disrupts that rhythm creating unwanted change to your significant others comfortable routine. Which is why it’s natural to want to protect that, not alter what’s in place, and even prevent the conversation all together.Sadly many people start to feel shame or guilt for wanting their own goals because it means inconveniencing someone else.What if they don’t want to change with me?What if they won’t support me in the way I need?What if they don’t believe I can do it?What if they say it’s too expensive?What if they tell me to try something else?What if they say it’s not worth it?What if they won’t understand why I want this?If you’re serious about change and want the support of your significant other before you start, then…Talk through these 3 conversation:Explain what your goals are and why you want your goals. (This needs to be the real reason, and although I want to look better or lose 10 lbs. may be true…Why is it important to you)Share what changes will be needed in your life to get on track and stay their long term. (These changes are necessary to your success and not optional if you’re going to succeed at your goal)Discuss the expectations that will come with this decision, even if it will be difficult. Remember, paint a future picture of how it will make you feel to fulfill your goal and how that could impact your relationship for the better.After working with over 2,000 clients over the last 8 years, we’ve helped many people overcome self doubt and grow into the person they want to become.Having your significant others support is a milestone that can help lay the foundation for future momentum in your health.Best,Coach Jordan

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