Programming for the week of 8-13 June

Jordan Finlayson
October 29, 2021
Programming for the week of 8-13 June

Monday June 8th: Intervals

4 sets:21 Front squats 115/7515 Dumbbell Snatches 50/359 Burpees over the bar*rest 1 min between setsOptions:-Goblet squats with KB or DB-Burpees over object

Tuesday June 9th: AMRAP

A. 3 sets: 3 Turkish Get ups per side*rest 90 sec between setsB. 14 min AMRAP12 Push Press 115/75200m odd object carry60 sec plank holdOptions:Push Press: one or two DB/KB, if you only have one DB/KB, 6 reps per armOdd Object carry: whatever you have around the house that has some weight to it and is awkward to carry

Wednesday June 10th: Barbara's little sister

3-4 Rounds for time:10-20 Pull ups15-30 Push Ups30-40 sit ups30-50 air squats*rest 2 min between sets**the bench mark workout "Barbara" is 5 Rounds for time. Due to lack of volume, specifically in pull ups over the past several months, we've chosen to decrease the volume to keep everyone safe!

Thursday June 11th: Clean and Jerk

Option 1:A. 5 sets: 5 Clean and Jerks*all sets performed at 70-75% of 1RMB. EMOM x 151st: 20 sec Handstand hold or Free standing Handstand Hold practice2nd: 40 sec Right side plank hold3rd: 40 sec Left side plank holdOption 2:A. Every 2 minutes x 5 sets:5 Dumbbell or Kettlebell Clean and Jerks + 100m sprintB. Emom x 151st: 20 sec Handstand hold or free standing handstand hold practice2nd: 40 sec side plank hold right3rd: 40 sec side plank hold left

Friday June 12th: Chipper

A. 7 min Double Under practiceB. 10 min Handstand workC. For time:30 Medball cleans30 Double Unders25ft Handstand walk25 Double Unders25ft Handstand walk20 Medball Cleans20 Double Unders25ft Handstand walk

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