The Difference Between A Gym And Coaching Program

Jordan Finlayson
October 29, 2021
The Difference Between A Gym And Coaching Program

Should you join a gym to lose weight and reach your healthy lifestyle goal? Does it even matter?It does matter. In fact -- If you’ve wasted money on a gym membership by not using it regularly or are frustrated with the lack of results, you’re trapped in a FAILURE WEB.The Gyms want you to believe that results are easy, fast, and cheap. This is why their “offer” seems like such a good deal when joining, yet so many are trapped in their “Failure Web’’.Come whenever you want!Use our vast amenities and thousands of machines$0 to join… Pay just $20 a monthWhat they don’t tell you is that none of that stuff will help you if you don’t have the following...A training program that aligns with your unique experience and bodyKnowledge and instruction to exercise safelySystem of tracking results and progress to stay motivatedAccountability to the training program when life gets busy and makes you want to quitA guide that can answer your questions and guide you each step of the way to your goalIf you’re tired of getting caught up in a gym’s failure web and want to feel the difference a COACHING PROGRAM can make in your life, then I’ll spell out the steps you need to follow to get the fitness results you want.Schedule a discovery call with a coach and start your coaching program that leads to successfully reaching your fitness goal!P.S.- When you join our coaching program you will learn how to build a routine that keeps you energized well beyond just reaching your initial goal! With a supportive and accountable coaching team guiding you each step of the way you’ll have everything you need to succeed long term.Click HERE to schedule your call with a coach today!

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