What Does Healthy Actually Look Like For People With Careers and Kids?

Jordan Finlayson
October 29, 2021
What Does Healthy Actually Look Like For People With Careers and Kids?

Have you ever been envious of an ultra fit friend or scrolled through Instagram dreaming of having one those rockin’ body pictures? Of course you have… you’re human!But why is it so hard to get started or keep a healthy routine going when you’re a driven professional or have kids? You may of said this before:Do I need to choose my career over my health right now?Does having kids mean I have to give up my fitness goals?Does being career driven or a parent mean there’s no time left over for myself?It may seem like it sometimes, but the truth is you can have it all with the right strategy!The solution to this balancing act is in understanding what drives a successful career and family! Do you know what that driver is…?It’s YOU!You are the person keeping it all together, coordinating all the moving parts, and responsible for the outcomes.You might be saying… Duh! But how does that actually help me? Give me the “Secret”!Spoiler alert!!! The secret that the “successful” “healthy” “fit people” are using is actually the same secret that busy parents with careers have forgotten.Here’s why I know this…When career ambition grows it shifts your priorities and unfortunately many people put themselves last and work first.When your family grows parents begin prioritizing their kids' needs over their own.It’s a natural response to put more focus on what you want to build and nurture. But here’s the missing link for many of you reading this!In order for you to do it all! You will need to make yourself the priority “BEFORE” anything else. You may have told yourself in the past that you’re being selfish or that when time opens up you’ll circle back around… The truth is many people fall into this trap and by the time they realize it they feel defeated or grossly off track.So here’s my advice for parents and driven professionals putting yourself “AFTER” your career or kids right now.There will never be a perfect time to get healthy!There will never be a more important driver to your career or family than your health.There will never be a fast, easy, cheap, automatic process for caring for yourself.There will always be a personal responsibility to put yourself first.If you are a busy professional or parent that wants to build a long term healthy lifestyle so you can show up your best for your career and family then I want to help!Let’s discuss the steps and talk over the plan that’s right for you!Click Here to Request More Info! Coach Jordan

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