What's Inside Our 90 day Coaching Program

If you want guidance & direction in your health & fitness, our 90 day program is for you.
September 13, 2023
What's Inside Our 90 day Coaching Program

Here’s what happens when you enroll in our 90-day program:

First Session:

Baseline Assessment: This is a 1:1 appointment to set goals for your 12 week, collect baseline metrics, and complete a movement assessment. This session gives your coach a snapshot of where you're starting, so we are able to progress you through the 12 weeks at a sustainable pace. Not only does this step help us get to know you, it gives you an opportunity to meet us and get the first day jitters out of the way.

After your assessment you'll begin...

Week 1:

This week is all about getting familiar with our current members and showing up to your 3 workouts. Your coach will reach out so you feel supported and are adjusting to your new workout routine.

Week 2 - 5:

During these weeks, you’ll be focusing on showing up consistently (3x/week) & implementing your simple healthy habits. You’ll be laying a foundation for consistency and you’ll also be learning how to strength train. You’ll be learning the basic movements with proper form.

Week 6-12:

Now that the foundation of consistency is set, you’ll start adding on new nutrition habits. You’ll start to learn more about how to eat to support your goals while also finding balance.  

At this point, you’ll start seeing the body composition changes. Your consistency and weight training will have compounded and you’ll see the changes you’ve accomplished in the past 90 days.

By day 90, you will be 5-15lbs lighter, you’ll see the tone in your muscles and you’ll be living life with more healthy lifestyle habits.

That’s the timeline you can expect when working with us.

If you want guidance & direction in your health & fitness, our 90 day program is for you. You’ll build the habit of being consistent, create the changes you want in your health & fitness and feel supported every step of the way.

To join our 90-day health & fitness program, click here to learn more. Once you're ready to join, simply reach out to schedule a 5-10 minute enrollment call.



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