Why "Being Disciplined" Isn't Enough To Get In Shape

August 31, 2022
Why "Being Disciplined" Isn't Enough To Get In Shape

Sometimes it can be really hard to will ourselves into action.

We know "we should" workout ...but we're too tired after a long day of work.

We know "we should" eat healthy...but we want to enjoy food, guilt free.

Willing yourself and being discipline will only take you so far.

Real change happens when you are COMPELLED.

When you are rooted in a vision for your life that compels you to take action.

This will compel you to take action towards your goals

......even when you're tired after work

....even when the pizza looks so good.

....even when you'd rather sleep in.

So, what's your compelling reason for getting in shape & living a health lifestyle?

👉 Is it because you want your mental energy spent on enjoying your life & being present?

And not be fixated on how you look or how many calories you "should be eating"?

👉 Is it because you want to feel strong & confident every single day when you wake up?

And not feel like you have to hide, wear clothes you don't love?

👉 Is it because you influence your family on living a healthy lifestyle?  So they don't have them struggle with this like you had to?  

A compelling reason will be different for everyone. But your compelling reason is the thing that will PULL you into action.

The "shoulds" won't do anything.

They will keep you in a cycle of shame & guilt.

So what's the reason for you?

What change in your life is compelling enough to pull you into action?

I'd love to know, respond back with your reason.

And if you're looking to take action,

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Coach Jordan

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