Why We Break Our Health Promises to Ourselves

Jordan Finlayson
October 29, 2021
Why We Break Our Health Promises to Ourselves

Our brains are wired to choose the least path of resistance. This means that without applying discipline to a meaningful personal goal it is likely that the results you want will fall short. This is why thinking about a new you or even sharing a goal out loud feels so energizing and inspiring, yet the action behind it can lack follow-through.I call this the “dream state” and it’s why so many people break their health promises to themselves.It’s exciting to dream about a better version of yourself!🙌I want to love who I see in the mirror🙌I want to lose weight🙌I want to be toned🙌I want to be stronger🙌I want to be a healthy role model for my kids🙌I want to feel energizedThe truth is these are end results or byproducts of action and without changes to your existing routines/habits then they’ll never happen. So… how do you move forward out of the dream state and into action?Great question… The next step is called “The Shift”! This is a decision YOU make to become the person that achieves the things you’re dreaming about.It can be a scary moment if you feel like you’re letting go of who you are and also exciting to be moving towards the person you’ve always wanted to be. If you wish to become this person and achieve those things you must understand that change will come with it.Change can be overwhelming… It comes with the emotions anxiety, fear, and uncertainty.❓Will this work for me?❓What if I fail again?❓What if I lose my job?❓How will I make it work with my kids?❓What if life gets busy?These questions and feelings are normal and a part of the process! So take a sigh of relief… You’re right where you need to be for your goals to happen!If you want to move out of the “dream state” and towards the person that acts on their goals then it’s time to move past wishful thinking and understand the effort, time, and money it will take to get there…Here’s what to do: Request More InfoHere’s why: You must fully commit to the process of transforming old habits. Until you understand what you’re committing to you’ll never be 100% all in on the effort needed.This is why we take the time to get to know you and what training program will work best for your unique situation. Even if you have little to no experience or don’t live nearby.Here’s what you get:✅ A real conversation with an expert coach✅ An opportunity to share your fitness and nutrition goals with someone who knows how to achieve them.✅ Professional advice and exact steps we recommend to achieve your specific goal.Click on More Info About IFA Coaching programing to take the first step towards building the body you are proud of year-round!Chat soon,Coach Jordan

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