Will our 12-week Program work for you?

Jordan Finlayson
October 29, 2021
Will our 12-week Program work for you?

Likely right now you're asking yourself, "will this work for me?"

It's a valid question. The truth?

Only if you commit.

They were all busy and all had lives. But the ones who came out on top were those that decided they would commit.

For example, Steve

Steve is one of our most transformative members. He was in his 30s, a dad of 2 and had never had a workout routine.

When we first talked, he shared that he just wasn't happy. "I want to make my health a priority. I want to keep up with my kids and be able to run around & play with them."

He confessed that he would be so tired after work sometimes that he wouldn't have the energy to keep up with his boys.

I could tell this really bothered him and he was serious about fixing this area of his life.

He started with us immediately and never looked back. We coached him on consistency, taking small steps and building long-lasting habits. Week after week, Steve kept showing up and putting in the work and we made sure he stayed on track.

Steve weighed himself after 3 months of our program and he has lost 25 lbs.


When I followed up with him during his progress check-in, I was blown away. (With our program our clients get check-ins to make sure they're making progress on their goals!)

I said, "Steve, I'm so proud of you! 25 lbs in 3 months is a big deal." He smiled and told me something that I'll never forget.

"I came in wanting to lose weight. And yeah the 25lbs is a big deal. But I can outplay my kids now! You guys helped me do that. That means more than the weight."

Stories like his are why we're here. Yes, we want people to lose weight or build muscle. But what we want more is for them to get back important moments.

Moments where they can keep up with their kids, or feel confident when they're trying on new clothes, or enjoy going to the beach to soak up the sun...and actually feel good about their bodies.

We want this for you too. Whatever you want for your health & fitness, you can accomplish it. We don't just offer a "gym membership", we give people their lives back with our coaching programs.

With Iron Forged, you get a plan, we guide you every step, help you stay motivated, and maintain a body you love year round. Let’s get started on building your healthier routine.

Click Here to learn about our program now!

Here’s to gaining control of your body

Coach Jordan

P.S.- Feeling skeptical about Steve's weight loss? It won't work for you... Click Here and I’ll show you how it will work for you!

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